Zenith Bank worker commits suicide in Delta


.Late Nnamdi

News reaching this medium indicated that a member of staff of Zenith Bank identified as Nwokorie Nnamdi Godson reportedly committed suicide in Sapele, Delta State on Sunday.

It was gathered that his body was found dangling from the scaffold of a water tank where he allegedly hanged himself at the Ugbeyiyi area of the town.

Sources hinted that the banker left no suicide note, however his last Facebook post on the date he died not only sounded like a suicide note because it gave a clue as to the reason he took his own life.

The post had read; “I no longer have a mind of my own. Because I now do things I later regret. The struggle is not funny any more. I am still good at heart so you know.”

Though when Nwokorie made that post, none of his friends or relations knew what he was up to or offered to offer any help.

The post only indicated he was battling with some mental health issues and needed help. “I no longer have a mind of my own,” he said, “I do things I later regret.”

Still, since the news of his death broke, many Nigerians have been reacting to it. Commenting on his last post on Facebook, many wondered why he took that route, saying he didn’t take the right decision.

Georgetown Emeka Ochiagha reacting to his death said: When he posted this there was no comment but now that he committed suicide everyone is here to shed crocodile tears.

Jennykeria Chinwe Akuwudike responded thus: Georgetown Emeka Ochiagha guy, people didn’t understand that post, I for one thought it was a quote or any other caption people give to pictures. So you that understood it, why didn’t you alert other people about it. You people should stop the habits o…






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