What Ogun is doing about its refuse menace


It seems the Ogun State Government is getting serious about checking the indiscriminate dumping of refuse by residents of the capital city of Abeokuta.

Investigations by our correspondent showed that the state government had deployed some young men who act as environmental marshals’ preventing residents from dumping refuse in unapproved points which they(residents) had turned to their regular dump sites.

These young men donning yellow jackets keep vigil at these points from early in the morning  till about 10pm everyday.

Our correspondent had noticed their presence around commercial and residential areas  such such as Pansheke, Kolobo, Adigbe, and Ijeja among others.

The refuse menace has been one recurring decimal in the state that has refused to go away.

Heaps of refuse are seen lining such routes like Enu Gada- Lafenwa, Adatan, Itoku, Ake, Itoko, Sapon, Isale Igbein, Panseke, Kuto, Abiola Way, and Ijaye, among others.

This medium noticed that though there are refuse collection trunks placed in some corridors in the state capital, it however remains to be seen if they are enough.

And then the PSP are equally seen moving around and picking up refuse in homes and streets with their refuse trucks, how effective and efficient are they?









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