Update: Danger still looms at Sango-Ota tollgate/Shoprite axis on Lagos-Abeokuta  Expressway


A week after NOTM did an exclusive story on the one-way violation at Sango-Ota/Shoprite axis along the Lagos-Abeokuta Expressway, nothing has been done to stop it by the authorities concerned.

Recall this medium reported that some motorists, both private and commercial have dangerously cultivated the habit of driving against oncoming traffic from the  Abeokuta-Sango end of the road.

They joined this lane from the tollgate area, moving towards Sango-Ota motor park most times.

Our correspondent observed that they do this brazenly while putting other motorists and pedestrians crossing the road at these points,most especially those crossing to and from the Palms-Shoprite outlet at Sango-Ota in precarious condition.

Sadly there is a Unit of the Federal Road Safety Commission at the tollgate end but they seem to be helpless as these motorists have a field day, moving at top speed in one-way direction.

NOTM still believes that a stitch in time could save nine if concerned authorities do their job before casualties are recorded due to this disregard for the highway code.

This calamity waiting to happen is preventable.




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