Tribunal: How Primate Ayodele’s prophecy helped Plateau Governor, Caleb Mutfwang(VIDEO)


The Plateau state governorship election tribunal has affirmed the candidate of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP), Caleb Mutfwang as the duly elected governor of the state but it didn’t come like a walk in the park.

Since the tribunal started sitting in the state, there seems to be a wave of sacks among PDP lawmakers as the court sacked seven of them for party structure issues and declared APC candidates that came second as rightful winners of the elections.

Many had expected that Caleb Mutfwang would be sacked by the court too due to the party structure issues that led to the sack of other PDP candidates but miraculously, he survived the heat.

This only means that the governor stayed on alert and did the needful to retain his seat as the duly elected governor of Plateau state. He could have been easily swept away by the raging wave of sack in the state but luckily, he was able to scale through.

All of these from the lawmakers’ election tribunal up to the governorship election tribunal confirmed the prophetic warning of Primate Ayodele to PDP candidates in Plateau which he shared immediately after the elections.

Primate Ayodele had foretold the plans of the All Progressives Congress to take victory from the PDP in the state through the court.

He categorically warned that APC “is bent on taking victory away and that if the PDP in Plateau state isn’t careful, they will lose the state.”

These were his words:

‘’PDP should put their home together in Plateau state. APC is bent on using the court to take away victory from PDP in the state, they shouldn’t sleep. The governor should seek the face of God. You won the election, don’t sleep because APC wants to take it by force.’’


Considering the statements of the prophet, one can say for sure that the warnings of Primate Ayodele helped to awaken Governor Caleb Mutfwang on the tribunal.


His warning assuredly helped the governor to be aware of the gimmicks of the opposition party to take victory from the court.


It’s sad that seven lawmakers lost their grip off power in the tribunal scheming but all thanks to God and Primate Ayodele for helping Governor Caleb retain his seat through the timely prophetic warning.


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