Sammie Okposo in infidelity mess…asks mistress to abort pregnancy


.African Doll and Sammie Okposo

African Doll, a US-based mistress of gospel artiste, Sammie Okposo has dragged him in a pregnancy mess.

African Doll who’s an American citizen said the Delta-state born singer impregnated her and turned his back on her, telling her to get rid of the pregnancy after calling her an “idiot and a fool.”

The American mistress confessed that she and Sammie Okposo ‘messed around’ sometimes last year November and December, and she said they never thought of using “any protection.”

Though Sammie Okposo had confessed to cheating on his wife, Ozioma, with the American lady who is based in Houston, Texas, begging for forgiveness from his wife.

He said he needed to apologise for what he termed a disgraceful act, and excused himself from his duties in the church.

African Doll trying to make her case look good stated that she never knew he (Sammie) was married until they got far with the amorous affairs.

In her exclusive interview with YouTuber, Obodo Oyinbo TV, African Doll accused Okposo of putting her in a family way and leaving her to her fate.

African Doll also alleged that when she informed Okposo about the pregnancy, he told her to do the needful and get rid of it.

Talking about how they met,  African Doll said: “We met at a concert in one church close to my home and we started following each other on Instagram. He asked for my number from Instagram and we started conversing regularly.

“He invited me to his show in Houston, Texas in November 2021, which I attended with a friend and I didn’t see him. So, he messaged me and wondered why I didn’t get to see him despite inviting me over. He invited me to his hotel and we hung out. I spent the night with him until the next morning.”

Continuing, she said: “We kept speaking even when he invited me to Nigeria, we messed around on several occasions. I am accountable for my part. In December again, he invited me to his show and we messed around.

“I know it’s wrong what I did sleeping with a married man and tried to communicate with him so we can find a way out but he kept telling me I’m trying to disgrace him.

“After I left the hospital and called him, he told me to do the needful and get rid of the child after I told him I was pregnant. He said I was trying to disgrace him but I told him that we were both wrong and this is not to blackmail him as I have never asked for anything but respect because he became verbally aggressive towards me calling me a fool and an idiot.”





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