Russia/Ukraine conflict: Fear of Putin deploying nuclear weapons heightens


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An expected counter-attack against Russian forces in southern Ukraine has increased fears that the Kremlin could resort to using nuclear weapons, according to a British expert.

Ukrainian forces were said yesterday to be gaining momentum near the occupied city of Kherson.

Air strikes have destroyed several bridges leaving the remaining Russian troops cut off.

As Russian military doctrine prescribes tactical nuclear weapons when its forces are facing defeat, concerns are growing that Vladimir Putin could use them.

Last night, chemical weapons expert Colonel Hamish de Bretton-Gordon said: ‘The spectre of Russia using tactical nuclear weapons in Ukraine is no doubt a growing concern in Nato capitals.

As the tide appears to be turning in southern Ukraine, Putin’s special operation could be about to unravel. At this stage it is critical the UK and the US signal to the Kremlin that any use of nuclear weapons would cross a red line.’

Tactical nuclear missiles usually have a killing radius of a mile and a half. But their shockwaves and electromagnetic pulses extend further, posing an additional risk to life.

Western intelligence agencies were last night understood to be closely monitoring any transit of these weapons towards southern Ukraine.

These fears emerged as the numbers of Russian troops killed or wounded in the conflict was put at 75,000 or higher.

Source: The Daily Mail




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