Pains, anguish on Sango-Ota -Idiroko Road, as potholes, craters cause gridlock


Residents, travellers and motorists plying Sango-Ota-Idiroko Road are currently undergoing pains and anguish due to numerous potholes and craters on the road.

Some sections along road had totally failed and the torrential rains in recent times had further led to the deterioration of this road that leads to the neighbouring countries such as Republic of Benin and Togo among others.

Both lanes on the stretch of the road have their fair share of failed sections. Both lanes around the MTN office, the roundabout area at junction leading to Ota, and the stretch that lead to Oju Ore and front of the General Hospital, Ota among others had failed.

A journey from Iyana-Iyesi and Obasanjo bus stop to Sango that should not last more than 15 minutes now takes one hour or more.

Our correspondent observed on Monday that some vehicles got trapped in some of the failed sections on the road.

This experience has been an annual pain and anguish which the residents and motorists had come to live with.

This medium hopes the concerned authorities will do something urgently to alleviate the suffering and hardship occasioned by the gridlocks that have become a permanent feature on that road.


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