Ogun-Oshun RBDA warns residents against impending flooding 


The Ogun-Oshun River Basin Development Authority  has advised all stakeholders to do everything possible to mitigate what it termed ‘the seasonal flooding” as its facilities may receive more water this year from Oyan Dam.

The Managing Director/Chief Executive Officer of OORBDA, Olufemi Odumosu, gave this advice in a statement titled: ‘A public statement on the prevailing floods in Ogun-Oshun RBDA catchment area from water releases of the Oyan River Dam project arising from July to September, 2020.’

He noted that though the rainy period might be shorter than 2019, its catchment area would receive more water than normal from the dam.

Odumosu urged stakeholders to proactively take the following pre-emptive actions to mitigate the seasonal Flooding:

i. Enlarge small and inadequate drainage systems and construct more drainage channels  so as to contain excess runoff.
ii. Stop using River Channel as waste repositories
iii. Put in place a ready-made Alert System for Emergency.
iv. Relocate people from all Flood Prone areas.
v. Encourage research on other Rivers that are tributaries to Ogun River so as to have Data on the volume of water discharges per
time, the Nature of Flood, and the Hydrograph so as to improve on
mitigation of flood in the downstream areas.

The CEO said it is necessary to reiterate that despite the long period of presumable drought experienced from late July 2020 through the month of August 2020 till 5th of September 2020, with record of only 1.90mm as Total Rainfall for month of August 2020, in Oyan River Dam, “we should not relent in our efforts as stakeholders in preparation against the impending Floods within our catchment areas of coverage.”

He said “It is to be noted that according to the Seasonal Rainfall Predictions from Nigerian Meteorological Agency for year 2020 the Rainfall Season in our catchment area started in late March and predicted to end in the month of November 2020.

“The Rainfall Period in this year 2020 is predicted to be shorter than that of 2019, which
means we may receive more water than normal as earlier expressed in our first public statement.”


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