Ogun: Before rolling out luxury mass transit buses


The idea of rolling out the first batch of the air-conditioned, wi-fi enabled luxury mass transit buses in Ogun State anytime from now reels with good intentions and sound people-oriented policy.

It paints a picture of a forward-looking administration, doing a catch-up with its neighbour in Lagos State, a city of aquatic splendour.

However, there are some steps that ought to have been taken, before the Ogun State Government perform the eventual rollout of the these buses.

For those luxury buses that will be deployed in the metropolis, there are no designated and identifiable bus stops/shelters yet.

This aspect becomes a top priority because there has never really been such bus services in the state capital before now.

There has to be clearly mapped out routes and well-designated bus stops/ shelters for commuters to wait for the buses and perhaps purchase tickets for their respective destinations.

The same thing holds for those that will be deployed on the inter-city routes like those travelling to Sango-Ota, Mowe-Ibafo, Sagamu, Ijebu Ode among others.

The bus stops in the inter-city cadre should be a little bit elaborate and comfortable for commuters. Spacious environment with comfortable seats and refreshment cafe for those who might want to nib on snacks at a fee.

Again, the aged and conventional motor parks in the capital city of Abeokuta such as Ita Oshin, Kuto, Lafenwa among others would require a facelift, as they might not befit the glittering and luxurious nature of the new mass transit buses.


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