My husband, Olu Jacobs not dead, says Joke Jacobs


Amazon of the screen and experienced thespian, Joke Jacobs has debunked the rumours making the round that her husband, Olu Jacobs is dead.

She told those who cared to listen that her husband who’s also a veteran actor is hale and hearty, and feeding well.

She told his admirers and fans not worry their heads about the purveyors of the bad news.

“My husband Olu Jacobs is Hale and hearty. Don’t mind them, they’re just talking rubbish; don’t disturb your head. He is in the living room right now about to have Eba and Ogbono soup. Let them keep deceiving themselves, “she was quoted as saying.

The Actors Guild of Nigeria has also dispelled the rumour.

Olu Jacobs and his wife have come a long way in the acting world, featuring in major stage plays and movies. They are blessed with two children.



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