I’ve no financial interest in Lekki Tollgate, says Tinubu


All Progressives Congress national leader, Asiwaju Bola Tinubu has said he had no financial interest in Lekki Tollgate, Lagos.

He said this on Sunday in a statement titled: ‘The #ENDSARS protests; a fundamental lesson in democratic governance’, which he personally signed.

The former governor of Lagos State also denied ordering soldiers to attack unarmed and harmless protesters at the tollgate last Tuesday.

He said there was no rationale that could make him do that, as he abhored violence of any form.

He said, “Now, those who claim I ordered violence in Lekki must face the sheer illogic of their assertions.

“There is no rationale that can adequately explain why I would order soldiers to repel peaceful protesters from the toll gate where I have no financial interest, yet, choose to do nothing to protect my investments in The Nation and TVC.

“Why would I be so moved as to instigate the army to attack peaceful, law-abiding people at the toll gate where I have no pecuniary stake, yet lift not a single finger to stop hired miscreants bent on setting fire to these important media investments?

“The allegations against me make no sense because they are untrue. They are parented by those seeking to stoke and manipulate the people’s anger in order to advance political objectives that have nothing to do with the subject matter of the protests.”

While he also lamented the wanton destruction of lives and properties in the state,he noted that some people were not happy with the progress being made by the state.

He said, “Not only lives have been lost in Lagos and throughout Nigeria, but livelihoods have also been impaired. I have seen the destruction to businesses, shops and homes.

“I empathise with those who have lost their businesses and residences through no fault of their own but because hurtful, destructive misanthropes took it upon themselves to use this moment to disguise their efforts to destroy and upend the prosperity and hope so many of us took so many years to build.

“This is not what the genuine protesters wanted and no one should blame them for this destruction.”

He said “based on the facts that come out of a thorough investigation, government may need to amend the terms of engagement for deployment of military forces in instances of mostly peaceful civil disobedience and protests.”


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