Insecurity: Ogun police warns against prayer sessions in forest


The Ogun State Police Command says despite its earlier warning against organising of prayer sessions in the forest by individuals and religious bodies, the practice has continued in the state.

It said this practice makes those involved in the practice easy preys to kidnappers and other hoodlums.

The command in a statement signed by its Police Public Relations Officer, Abimbola Oyeyemi, advised those who necessarily  wanted to hold such prayer sessions on the mountain in the forest should report to the nearest police station for advice and possible security patrol of the area.

The statement read partly, “In as much as the command is not oblivious of right to freedom of religion, it is worth of note that the present security situation in the country does not favourably disposed to organising prayer sessions in isolated places.

“The command is working assiduously to get rid of the criminal elements who have taken kidnapping as business, and pending when they will be satisfactorily eliminated, the general public should desist from creating opportunities for them to operate.

“Security should be seen as everybody’s business and we should all play our part in securing ourselves and our property. After all the scripture even enjoined us to watch and pray.

“However, if there is any compelling reason to embark on such prayer sessions, the organisers should report to the nearest police station for advice and possible security patrol of the area.”




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