FUNAAB don calls for establishment of language laboratories to promote socioeconomic development


A call has gone to all tiers learning to establish language laboratories to promote language learning in order to ensure socioeconomic development and promotion of healthy life and environment.

Prof. Helen Bodunde made this call while delivering the Federal University of Agriculture Abeokuta Ogun State’s 91st Inaugural lecture titled: ‘Eliminating the avoidable Gulf between knowledgeable and development’, at the Oluwafemi Balogun Ceremonial Building.

Bodunde, a professor of Communication and General Studies, College of Agricultural Management and Rural Development, (COLAMRUD), FUNAAB, who said her view was influenced by various researches based language policy, language teaching and language learning as instruments of knowledge dissemination, added that those institutions should also provide enabling learning environment for language learning.

By this she meant that they should provide electricity in electronic and face-to-face classrooms to power the media resources for learning, however, stating that “large class size is a bane to language”, recommending small size classrooms in face-to-face learning environment.

She said, “Language laboratories promote language learning. All institutions should establish the laboratory for the use of students and staff alike. Language clinic should also be established for both students and staff. This could provide both prophylactic and curative treatments.

Prof. Bodunde equally recommended that the 21st language teacher should upgrade from low level intellectual language thinking to a high order intellectual thinking that will invoke creativity, innovation and productivity for socioeconomic development, healthy life and promotion of healthy environment.

She explained that teacher development at all levels should be more intense in such a way that language teachers’ competence would not be in doubt.

Prof. Bodunde noted that the cost implication of this could be huge, she thus called on the government, and other stakeholders such as heads of institutions, teachers, parents and other partners to fund language education.



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