Australia sends 20 armoured vehicles to Ukraine


The first three of the Australian Government’s gift of 20 armored vehicles, being loaded for delivery to Ukraine at the RAAF Base Amberley in Queensland, Australia.  (Australian Department of Defense)

Australia will send 20 of its home-built Bushmaster armored personnel carriers to Ukraine, Prime Minister Scott Morrison said Friday.

The vehicles, produced by the Australian subsidiary of French company Thales, have been painted olive green with a Ukrainian flag on the side, and the words “United With Ukraine” stenciled on the vehicles.

Two of the Bushmasters are “ambulance variants” that carry the Red Cross emblem.

The vehicles were specifically requested by Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelensky in an address to Australia’s parliament on March 31.

“The Bushmaster was built in Australia to provide protected mobility transport, safely moving soldiers to a battle area prior to dismounting for close combat,” a statement from Morrison’s office said Friday.
“The Bushmaster is well suited to provide protection to the Ukrainian Armed Forces soldiers and Ukrainian civilians against mines and improvised explosive devices, shrapnel from artillery and small arms fire.”

Source: CNN



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