TRACE Commander charges operatives to be apolitical

Cmr 'Seni Ogunyemi

In view of the political climate in the country and electioneering activities towards the 2023 general elections gathering momentum, TRACE Commander/Chief Executive, Cdr. ‘Seni Ogunyemi, has directed field commanders and head of squads and units to make sure operatives under their watch are politically neutral and impartial.

He also warned them to as well avoid participating in political rallies, campaigns, in addition to piloting political convoys.

Cdr Ogunyemi, in a statement further stated  that, the instruction has become extremely important in reference to the law establishing TRACE, which acknowledged the status of the Agency as a public and social service organisation that does not and should not have any political affiliation but exclusively established to provide essential social service to all citizens, regardless of their political interest and representation.

He added that field commanders

should show concern and be considerate to the challenge road users experience on the roads and be prepared, ready and willing to prevent traffic snarl that could rear its ugly head, as a result of the aforementioned political activities by ensuring adequate, timely and prompt deployment of personnel for ease of movement in form of traffic control, rerouting and calming.





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