Governor Dapo Abiodun ‘ll secure second term in office, says media aide, Ifekayode Akinbode


 In this interview with, the media consultant to Governor Dapo Abiodun, Ifekayode Akinbode talks about the achievements so far recorded by his principal, his style of governance, and that he will get second term in office based on his performance and the support of the citizens, excepts…


There have been some misconceptions about the Prince Dapo Abiodun-led administration as being too slow in its style of governance. Do you agree with this?

I like the operational word ‘misconceptions’, because that statement is coming from who I would describe as mischievous and politically- motivated individual.

This is a man that has conquered poverty at a very relatively young age and it is by no means an achiever, he has been given a national honour many, many years back in recognition of his meritorious service to the Nigerian business community and the Nigerian nation at large.

You will recall that years back in 1997 at a young age of 33, he contested and won the senatorial election of Ogun East during the military regime before that republic was cancelled.

He is someone I would describe as the most senior politician aside Baba Osoba in this State without prejudice or anything.

If you say he is meticulous, you are correct, if you say he is pain-staking, you are correct, if you say, he is very matured, you are correct.

A lot people take decisions and they regret. Dr Dapo Abiodun doesn’t take decisions in a hurry, he looks at the pros and cons before taking a decision, you will see that whenever decisions are made you don’t fault him.

I would describe him as modern day political technocrat or individual who is sound, meticulous and not a noise maker.

Someone who is coming from a private sector background, it is their result that speak, he is not someone that would go to the media to claim what he has not achieved.


Could you list some of his achievements so far?

Look at all the projects, he has been doing since he became the Governor, they are projects that have commercial value. He is a business man.

I would cite Ijebu Ode – Epe Expressway as an example for you, that is the corridor to Africa’s largest depot, Dangote refinery.

For people along Isiwo, Ijebu Ode, Itoikin, Omu down to Epe that is another destination of choice for Ogun State people, look at the road linking Sagamu interchange to Abeokuta on both sides, companies are springing up daily, Julius Berger is completing the Federal road i.e the Lagos- Ibadan Expressway, it will be a direct link to Abeokuta.

Look at all the work that this man has done, it has business interest, for any man who is a business man, for every investment there must be return, we don’t need to do road where people need water and we don’t need to do water where people need road.

Business of governance requires the ultimate decision of the people and this Governor is a Governor who derives is power from what the people want, forget about the fact that am the consultant to the Governor on Media. I joined three months ago, every decision in terms of political appointment or anything had been done in the ward, Local government down to the State, let me tell you that this man does not know you, before you are appointed.

He derives his power from the people, when the people nominate you, he is good with it, that is the operational strategy.

Let me also tell you that in terms of education, he met a lot of crisis, Moshood Abiola Polytechnic was in comatose, Olabisi Onabanjo University was not functioning.

The governor has returned MAPOLY to its winning ways, I am a proud product of department of mass communication of that school, I majored in broadcast, I can tell you that MAPOLY is now competing with all the best the country have today.

Olabisi Onabanjo University is functioning well now, go to Olabisi Onabanjo University Teaching Hospital, Sagamu, it is functioning well now. Doctors have been employed, nurses have been employed massively.

One of the greatest challenges of residents of this state is connecting roads. Most of those roads were in shambles, don’t forget that people come on the highway but how do they get there? The governor has fixed most of these inner roads.

Go to Fajol Road and see the transformation, see all the roads in Ijebu Ode, the difference between this man and others is that they came and made noise.

A believer will sometimes force him (the governor) to put it in the media, he would say why? I was elected to lead, not elected to shout in the papers but often times we disagree. We say your Excellency politics is 80 percent perception, 20 percent reality but his own style is let my works speak for me.


What else do you have to say about your principal?

I will tell you for free that Governor Adedapo Oluwaseun Abiodun has done tremendously well given the circumstances that we are.

Don’t forget that the pandemic came shortly after he became the Governor, and after that we had this issue of #EndSARS protest.

In Ogun State today, workers get their salaries between 26 and 27 of every month. Confirm from anybody, it has not happen in Ogun State.

Go and find out, that if you are a worker in Ogun State, on the 26, 27th of that month you would receive alert. Ogun State is paying the highest minimum wage in the whole of Nigeria, N30,500.

I can begin to count, it is numerous, are you talking about the bailout to higher institution? Even MAPOLY was recently bailed with over N200 million, they couldn’t pay salaries, owing to the crisis they had, I can tell you for free the institution is respected, massive infrastructural development is going on, education is going on well and there is peace and harmony in the state.


Ogun @45, are there enough achievements for the state to celebrate?

Enough, if you listen to the broadcast of the Governor, he commended and praised his predecessors, that is what I call sincere leadership, spirit of sportsmanship irrespective of political affiliations.

He commended Baba Osoba for what he did in terms of rural development, and Governor Daniel for industrialising the state, raised the Internally Generated Revenue of the State and created a new economy.

He said Governor Amosun attacked infrastructural development head-long and left a legacy, that is a Governor Dapo Abiodun for you, he is friend to all and enemy to nobody.

Ogun has a reason to celebrate, we are first in anything, we are not where we’re supposed to be but we have done tremendously well and we should be proud of ourselves as Ogun State indigenes.


Do you see Prince Dapo Abiodun winning second term in office?

By the grace of God and the support of the citizens of Ogun State, he will complete successfully his first term and through their support, he will have a result better than any previous government in this state.

Infact, there won’t be any opposition in 2023, it is going to be a walk over, mark me and quote me.


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