C.A.C Good Women Choir not formed to make money, says Mrs Fasoyin


Mrs Deborah Adebola Fasoyin led the highly talented Good Women Choir which has been in existence for over 40 years and noted for evergreen song, Odun Nlo Sopin among others.

In this interview with the Editor-in-chief/Publisher, SAMUEL AWOYINFA, the 80-year-old songstress talks about the WAZOBIA version of ‘Odun Nlo Sopin’ , gospel music, why divorce rate is on the increase, and what she still wants to achieve among others…

Who composed the track ‘Odun Nlo Sopin’?

‘Odun Nlo Sopin’ is one of the Christ Apostolic Church choruses, being song in all their churches in Ibadan and districts whenever the end of the year is approaching.

C.A.C. Good Women Choir Ibadan, led by Mrs Deborah Adebola Fasoyin repackaged the chorus with two additional verses according to the leading of the Holy Spirit and this makes it the regular prayer song towards the end of the year that you now hear every “Ember” months.


What year was the record released and how many tracks were in the LP?

The record was released on the 29th of June 1979 with seven wonderful and spirit-filled tracks.


Did the record record massive sales the year it was released by Good Women Choir?

First and foremost, you should know that C.A.C. Good Women Choir Ibadan, led by Mrs. D.A. Fasoyin was not formed to make money but instead as a tool to propagate the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Most of the women in the choir were working class while others owned their businesses. These women used their resources for the propagation of the gospel.

Now to your question, the choir cannot say categorically whether the record made massive sales the year it was released because we do not collect royalty from our marketer in cash but in kind.

That is, we ask our marketer to use whatever is due us to buy things that the choir needs for us. And this was how we were able to acquire a Coaster bus, Davoli musical instruments, pick-up van etc.


How many of you formed the Good Women Choir, Ibadan?

At inception, we were about 130 from all Christ Apostolic Churches in Ibadan and district where every C.A.C. was mandated to present two married women to join the Central choir.


Why did you record WAZOBIA version of ‘Odun Nlo Sopin’?

For over 40 years, ‘Odun Nlo Sopin’ by C.A.C. Good Women Choir, Ibadan has been a song with divine supernatural covering, mostly sang in the Yoruba speaking tribe of Western Nigeria when the year is running to an end.

‘Odun Nlo Sopin’ as a song which takes its source from Psalms 91 should not have been limited only to Yoruba tribe alone.

Although, people of other tribes listen to the song and flow with it, that was not enough to make them have a deeper encounter with the power in the song because they did not fully understand the language.

This is the main reason Berachah Music on the 28th August 2020 put together ‘Odun Nlo Sopin WAZOBIA’ to extend the divine supernatural covering blessings to all by translating it into the other two major languages in Nigeria -Hausa and Igbo.

The audio and lyrics video of the song eventually went LIVE on the 18th September 2020 and is now available for downloading, streaming and viewing at 10 different Stores Worldwide while the main video of ‘Odun Nlo Sopin WAZOBIA’ will come out very soon.


Learnt it was your own project and not Good Women’s project. How far is this true?

Yes, it is true. Only two out of the remaining Good Women Choir are active and for this project, I actually do not need Good Women Choir as backup because the two major Nigerian languages were song by younger and upcoming Christian artistes who speak the languages fluently.


Would you say you are fulfilled at 80 years?

By God’s grace, yes.


Is there any of your children in music, either gospel or secular?

If you are talking about being a full time gospel artiste, I say no. But two of them do back me up whenever I go for ministration


If no, would you have been happy to see any of them take after you?

I am happy because I know they know Christ which is the ultimate and like I said earlier, two of them do back me up whenever I go for ministration.


What do you do at your leisure?

I pray, pray and pray because I receive request every day for intercession.


Do you have any favourite food, if yes what is it?

Yes, my favorite food is Amala and Ewedu and Gbegiri soup.


What else do you want to achieve in life?

Win more souls for Christ through my songs.


These days rate of divorce is high what do you think is responsible?

Simple… impatient, lack of trust and falsehood, are some of the factors responsible for current high rate of divorce in the society.


Your advice for gospel musicians?

They should put God first in whatever they do and also ensure that their music is full of messages of holiness, sanctification, repentance and hope. Their music should be a vehicle for winning souls for Christ.


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