Edo election: I am not down, I feel strong, says Oshiomhole


A former Chairman of the All Progressives Congress, Adams Oshiomhole has on Wednesday broke his silence on the just-concluded Edo governorship election won by the opposition party, Peoples Democratic Party.

In a video clip recorded in his gymnasium, the former governor of Edo State, said he remained strong, adding that life was not all about winning all the time.

He noted that even when one had done his best in an endeavour, the rest was best left to God for the outcome.

He said, “You know in life, you work hard and leave God for the outcome, you do your best and trust God to bless your effort.

“I feel good, I feel healthy, thank God, I feel strong, thank God. In life you win some and you lose some but life goes on.

“I want to thank everybody, I am sure a lot of people think comrade is down but I am not down. When God says you are not down, you are not down and I am not down.”


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