Nigeria-Ghana Business Council commends Gbajabiamila on diplomatic intervention


The executives and members of the Nigeria Ghana Business Council have commended the Speaker of Nigeria’s House of Representatives, Femi Gbajabiamila, for the diplomatic intervention in solving the face between Nigerian traders in Ghana and the Ghanaian Government.

Recall recently that the Ghanaian Government had closed down shops belonging to Nigerian traders and businessmen in that country, asking them to pay $1m each as new charge on trade.

This caused an uproar but the Ghanaian Government refused to bulge, and Gbajabiamila had to embark on parliamentary diplomacy to Ghana early this month where far-reaching solutions were proffered to settle the impasse.

In a press statement signed by the President of the Nigeria Ghana Business Council, Otunba Bambo Ademiluyi, said the visit had afforded Gbajabiamila and his team the opportunity of knowing the challenges confronting Nigerian traders and businessmen in Ghana.

He said, “This problem has been there since 2007 and this is the first time the Nigerian Government will be tackling it at the highest level in Ghana.

“The main proposal for a solution which is the establishment of a Nigeria Ghana Business Council backed by legislation, to superintend over trade issues between the two countries is very well thought out.

“We would like to align with this proposal and also state that there exists presently a

‘Nigeria Ghana Business Counci’ registered at Corporate Affairs Commission in Nigeria.

“We also have our counterparts, Ghana Nigeria Business Council in Ghana. ”

Ademiluyi said these two bodies had since 2012 been involved in several activities such as organising workshops, seminars, trade trips, exhibitions, and trade fair among others.

He added that the main objective of the group “is to ease the conduct of business across the two countries and many of our activities which also involve traders, have been geared towards this main objective.”

He expressed support for the establishment of the Government- backed Councils and would want his group to be  actively involved in the current solution process developed to resolve the current impasse.






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