Breaking: Lagos announces partial reopening of schools


The Lagos State Government has announced a partial reopening of schools in the state from Monday August 3.

The state governor, Babajide Sanwo-Olu disclosed this on Friday while giving an update on the fight to end the COVID-19 scourge in the state.

He, however, said those allowed to resume were day students in transitional classes in JSS 3, SSS3 and Tech 3

He said, “The commencement date for this would be from Monday, August 3, 2020. SSS 3 and Tech 3 will start.

“But for JSS 3, we’ll wait for another one or two weeks and we’ll see how we’ve taken the first set of Tech 3 and SSS 3 before they now subsequently would open.

“This permitted opening would apply only to day schooling; no boarding activity of any sort is permitted at this time.

“School authorities are expected to spend this period, between now and August 3, to prepare themselves well and get the right directives from our ministry of education and the quality assurance office under the ministry of education.”

He, however, said all social and religious activities involving large crowd remained prohibited.

“All social and event centres will remain closed for now, “he said.


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